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Google: Serverless Application Architecture

severless workshop


Serverless code runs on demand. - when there is no work it goes away

Serverless code is stateless - when it goes away, so does the memory and file system.

Serverless code scales on demand.

  • Most applications need state :: require external storage
  • Events are handled by the platform :: which then invokes your code, once event is handled code stops
  • The application is now a cooperating collection of pieces

Google Cloud Serverless (Compute) options:

  • App engine :: useful as a web app backend
  • Cloud Functions :: Good fit for small, focussed event handlers
  • Cloud Run :: Container based, therefore is very flexible

Blog post on serverless website that runs pascal here

Cloud functions are the shortest path to have live code online.

Google Cloud Serverless (State) options:

  • Cloud Firestore
  • Firestore in Datastore Mode
  • Cloud Storage

Some event sources:

  • Web requests
  • Updated data
  • Tasks, Scheduler, Pub/Sub

Basic Serverless Example

To do list

One list.

One or multiple users use 1 list.

Serverless approach:

  • State - list of items
  • Events - Web requests: GET, POST, DELETE, PUT

App engine has the ability to use Identity Aware proxy so not everyone can access the app.