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Common GCP code snippets

tool overview

list active account name

gcloud auth list
for i in range(8):

list active project

gcloud config list project

show default settings for compute engine

gcloud compute project-info describe --project qwiklabs-gcp-00-8fce586ced0b

set environment variables

export PROJECT_ID=qwiklabs-gcp-00-8fce586ced0b

export ZONE=us-central1-a

create a virtual machine

gcloud compute instances create gcelab2 --machine-type n1-standard-2 --zone $ZONE

view help for compute create command

gcloud compute instances create --help

view help for gcloud

gcloud -h

view help for config command

gcloud config --help

View list of configurations in current environment

gcloud config list

See what components are available for use

gcloud components list

GCloud has an interactive mode that can be enables for auto completion.

To intstall additional components for auto completion

sudo apt-get install google-cloud-sdk

enter interactive mode

gcloud beta interactive

ssh into virtual machine

gcloud compute ssh gcelab2 --zone $ZONE

change default zone for compute

gcloud config set compute/zone us-central1-c

Big Query

show the details of the shakespeare data in big query

bq show bigquery-public-data:samples.shakespeare

see a list of commands

bq help query

perform a query on big query

bq query --use_legacy_sql=false \
   SUM(word_count) AS count
   word LIKE "%raisin%"

list datasets in current active project

bq ls

list datasets in specific project

bq ls bigquery-public-data:

make a dataset in current active project

bq mk babynames

create a table

bq load babynames.names2010 yob2010.txt name:string,gender:string,count:integer

query a table

bq query "SELECT name,count FROM babynames.names2010 WHERE gender = 'F' ORDER BY count DESC LIMIT 5"

remove a dataset

bq rm -r babynames

Google Cloud Storage

PROJECT_ID=`gcloud config get-value project`

create a bucket

gsutil mb -c multi_regional gs://${BUCKET}

copy local folder "endpointslambda" into bucket

gsutil -m cp -r endpointslambda gs://${BUCKET}

copy item into a folder in the bucket

gsutil cp gs://$BUCKET/ada.jpg gs://$BUCKET/image-folder/

download object from bucket

gsutil cp -r gs://${BUCKET}/ada.jpg .

list items in a bucket

gsutil ls gs://${BUCKET}/*

rename local file

mv endpointslambda/Apache2_0License.txt endpointslambda/old.txt

delete local file

rm endpointslambda/aeflex-endpoints/app.yaml

sync changes with bucket

gsutil -m rsync -d -r endpointslambda gs://${BUCKET}/endpointslambda

set objects in bucket to be public

gsutil -m acl set -R -a public-read gs://${BUCKET}

set particular object to be pulic

gsutil acl ch -u AllUsers:R gs://$BUCKET/ada.jpg

remove public access on an object

gsutil acl ch -d AllUsers gs://$BUCKET/ada.jpg

upload a file to a bucket and set the storage class to be "nearline"

gsutil cp -s nearline ghcn/ghcn_on_bq.ipynb gs://${BUCKET}

check storage classes of items in bucket

gsutil ls -Lr gs://${BUCKET} | more

view details for a particular file in the bucket

gsutil ls -l gs://$BUCKET/ada.jpg

delete all objects in a bucket

gsutil rm -rf gs://${BUCKET}/*

delete specific object

gsutil rm gs://$BUCKET/ada.jpg

delete bucket

gsutil rb gs://${BUCKET}

Google Cloud Functions

deploy a cloud function

gcloud functions deploy helloWorld \
  --stage-bucket qwiklabs-gcp-00-d68a427ec7ac-bucket \
  --trigger-topic hello_world \
  --runtime nodejs10

For the above there is a file in the current directory called index.js with the follwoing contents

* Background Cloud Function to be triggered by Pub/Sub.
* This function is exported by index.js, and executed when
* the trigger topic receives a message.
* @param {object} data The event payload.
* @param {object} context The event metadata.
exports.helloWorld = (data, context) => {
const pubSubMessage = data;
const name =
    ? Buffer.from(, 'base64').toString() : "Hello World";

console.log(`My Cloud Function: ${name}`);

Show the status of a cloud function

gcloud functions describe helloWorld

Read the logs of a cloud function

gcloud functions logs read helloWorld


create custom network called labnet

gcloud compute networks create labnet --subnet-mode=custom

create a sub-network

gcloud compute networks subnets create labnet-sub \
   --network labnet \
   --region us-central1 \

list networks in project

gcloud compute networks list

view network details

gcloud compute networks describe labnet

list subnets in all networks in project

gcloud compute networks subnets list

create firewall rules

gcloud compute firewall-rules create labnet-allow-internal \
    --network=labnet \
    --action=ALLOW \
    --rules=icmp,tcp:22 \

view details of a firewall

gcloud compute firewall-rules describe labnet-allow-internal

IAM Permissions

download and run installer to install gcloud

curl | bash

restart shell to allow use of the newly installed gcloud tool

exec -l $SHELL

start configuring gcloud

gcloud init

Not all components are installed. To see which components are installed run

gcloud components list

Install beta component

gcloud components install beta